Jenny Marks - Mad Month


Well it’s the Summer party and Wedding season that just keeps on going and we’ve had a record number of 12 events in one month! Wouldn’t mind but 5 of those were in one weekend!

I’m in the process of re-introducing myself to the family – not even my gorgeous black lab knows who I am – mind you, not sure if the kids have noticed I’ve been absent for quite a while. Methinks given some money and chocolate, I’ll be flavour of the month again...

We’ve been having such fun with some of our parties over the last month. One such FAB event had loads of entertainment including tiny monkies and micro pigs. Gosh I fell in love. I desperately want a micro pig, but Smiler (miserable hubbie), has said no. He thinks the dogs may eat it! They are the cutest things and really cuddly ,(unlike Smiler)... This lovely client also had beautiful women on stilts, living vodka tables (gorgeous women with headdresses on and skimpy outfits, inside a tray like circular table), and a stunning acrobat/gymnast, doing things with her legs that would make your eyes water. Crickey, I thought I could still ‘high kick’ from my dancing days, but she was spectacular! However, when two incredibly good looking male models appeared, wearing just jeans and walking around with trays of champagne, my girlie staff seemed to lose the will to work – can’t think why! I’d already disappeared off to the loo and reapplied the make-up before their arrival. Sometimes I just love my job!!

I’ve also organised a number of 50th Birthday parties recently and I often suggest photo displaying photo boards or having old albums out for guests to look at. One of my clients had a number of photographs blown up and framed all around the marquee and I was in heaven just looking at the 80’s fashion. I still remember with fondness the ‘massive permed’ hair (mine was pink and permed), and wonderful shoulder pads! However, looking at the pictures of the wedding dress made me laugh . I hasten to add the client was also amused. The huge puffed out sleeves that looked like wings and meringue shaped dress that made her look nine months pregnant. She wasn’t pregnant at the time and no, I didn’t put my foot in it! Unlike a wedding we organised late in September, when I noticed the bride had hardly eaten anything (nothing unusual in that), but also not a drop of alcohol had passed her lips. When I jokingly asked if she was pregnant, she told me she’d found out the day before her wedding that she was indeed over twelve weeks. Bless her, she was still in shock!

One final event we organised was a fantastic charity ball at The Dorchester Hotel. Gosh I love that place. I was very fortunate as a child, growing up in the area and spent many an afternoon scoffing cream cakes over afternoon tea in their lovely lounge area. I must add that their legendary Afternoon Teas are even better as a grown up!

The Ball was in aid of African Revival, a charity I’ve organised a number of events for over the years. The theme this year was Black Adder Through The Ages and what a hoot! I’d organised stocks and a pillary, which went down very well. Obviously turnips featured a great deal, as well as the odd potato. I love it when people dress up and some of the outfits were spectacular. One of our hosts looked like Charles II, with some of the ladies dresses as ‘Queenie’ from the series.

I desperately want a micro pig, but Smiler (miserable hubbie), has said no.

Our entertainment included Tudor Musicians, a Jester and a couple of living statues that pinched peoples bottoms as they walked by!

Later in the evening we had an artist called Lettice from ‘Britains Got Talent’, who was fabulous on her violin and danced around the stage. She was such fun and totally ‘off the wall’. Other entertainment included the wonderful ‘Odyssey’ from way back in the early . 80’s. I know this was a while ago, but the band are the children of the original members, and they were fantastic. The floor was packed and even the staff were waggling their hips!
We ended the night with a crazy band from Brighton, who had so much energy, they made me look unconscious! Mind you by that time, I felt it!

All in all, the event was a great success and we raised an unbelievable amount of money. Thank you to all the people who helped and supported us and to the Dorchester for putting me up for the night!!!

On that note I think I’ll raise a glass of fizz and say ‘Cheers’!


When she's not writing for Living Within, Jenny Marks is busy running Complete Bliss, a well established company with years of event planning experience.